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Mingtai Aluminum Sheet- Twenty years of quality selection


Classification of aluminum sheet

1.Classified by alloy composition

Pure aluminum sheet: It is made of pure aluminum. the content of aluminum is generally more than 99%, without other elements.

Aluminum alloy sheet: Refers to the addition of other alloy elements in the process of aluminum plate processing, such as magnesium, copper, silicon, etc., so as to change the performance of aluminum plate, improving the mechanical properties and chemical indicators of the aluminum plate.According to the different elements added, the aluminum plate is divided into 1-8 series, each series represents aluminum alloy plate with different composition.

Brazed aluminum sheet: refers to the aluminum plate with special purpose which is compounded by a variety of materials.

Aluminum clad aluminum sheet: aluminum plate is externally clad with a layer of aluminum sheet, used for special purposes.

2.Classification according to aluminum sheet thickness

Aluminum sheet: refers to aluminum sheet with a thickness of 0.15-2.0mm.

Conventional aluminum plate: aluminum plate whose thickness is generally 2.0-6.0mm.

Medium-thick aluminum plate: aluminum plate with a thickness of 6-200mm.

Ultra-thick aluminum plate: more than 200mm, depending on the equipment capacity, generally up to 600 mm.

Mingtai Aluminum Sheet- Twenty years of quality selection

Use of aluminum sheet

Aluminum sheet has become an indispensable product in various industries, especially in industrial and public transportation.

1.Aluminum plate for automobile: aluminum plate can be used for automobile doors, automobile fins, automobile wheel hubs, automobile fuel tank , trunk cover , etc. The more common automobile aluminum alloy alloy grades are 5083 aluminum plate, 5182 aluminum sheet and 6061 aluminum plate.

2.Marine aluminum plate: Mingtai Aluminum produces aluminum plate for keel , aluminum plate for fishing boat , aluminum plate for deck, etc. The marine aluminum plate has been certified by the classification societies of China, the United States and Norway. The common alloy grades of Marine aluminum plate are 5083 aluminum plate, 6061 aluminum plate and 5052 aluminum plate.

3.Aluminum plate for mold: it is mainly used for mold opening of various objects, such as lingerie, shoe mold , hardware , etc. The aluminum plate for mold needs strong hardness, so 7075 aluminum plate and 5052 aluminum plate are more suitable.

4.Non-slip aluminum plate: The non-slip aluminum plate refers to the aluminum checker plate. The aluminum plate has a willow-shaped pattern. It is used in various public areas that require non-slip. There are pure aluminum pattern plate, manganese aluminum alloy pattern plate, magnesium aluminum alloy pattern plate and aluminum magnesium silicon alloy pattern plate.

5.Aluminum plate for cans: The can is composed of a tank body, a lid and a tank bottom. Ming-tai Aluminum provides Aluminum sheet can ring pull and Aluminum sheet for the can cover. 5182 aluminum sheet is mainly used for the pull ring of the can, and 3140 aluminum sheet is mainly used for the can cover.

6.Other use: aluminum plate for flange material, aluminum plate for high-voltage switch GIS housing, aluminum plate for curtain wall, aluminum plate for precision parts, aluminum plate for subway, high-speed rail, aluminum for aviation and aluminum for military and so on.

Calculation method of aluminum plate weight

General customers' enquiries will give data on aluminum sheet thickness, width, length and number of aluminum plates. The specific demand is how many tons, but also need to carefully calculate. How to calculate the weight of aluminum plate? Take a look at the calculation formula:

Aluminum plate weight = density of aluminum (2.7) * aluminum plate thickness * aluminum plate width * aluminum plate length * number of pieces

Note: the unit of measurement of aluminum plate should be unified.

Aluminum sheet supplier and manufacturer - MingTai Aluminum

Mingtai Aluminum has been engaged in aluminum sheets for sale for many years and has a professional R & D team and rich production experience. Not only aluminum sheet, Mingtai Aluminum also produces aluminum coil and aluminum foil. The product quality has been certified by various parties, please purchase with confidence. You can add WeChat + 86-18638268963 for consultation or directly send your requirements to Mingtai Aluminum's mailbox, customer service will promptly reply to you, and give you a quotation!

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