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3104 Aluminum Alloy-The Best Choice For Shutter


Brief introduction of 3104 aluminum alloy for shutter

3104 aluminum alloy is an AL-Mn alloy. Common alloy states are H111 / 0 / H14 / H16 / H18 / H34, tensile strength is above 275MPA, and elongation can reach 20%. Therefore, it has good deep drawing properties and is suitable for thinning and stretching to reduce material consumption. Moreover, 3104 aluminum alloy is very easy to be colored, and it can be made into other colors when used as shutters,which will be very beautiful.

Advantage of 3104 aluminum alloy shutters

1.Beautiful and simple. 3104 aluminum alloy shutters can be completely retracted or lowered through the control of a drawstring, which makes the windows simple and generous. Compared with fabric curtains, it is much better visually, and aluminum blinds don't fade.

2.It can be adjusted freely. 3104 aluminum alloy shutters can control the light penetration and occlusion by adjusting the blade angle at will, so as to exist in the most suitable state and position.

3. Block UV rays. Pay attention to prevent bask in very much now, not only the person is so, furniture also is same. Therefore, curtain manufacturer made very big improvement on processing material. Such as aluminum shutters, have the effect that prevents ultraviolet ray to shoot.Can protect furniture from the effects of ultraviolet rays, will not deform and fade.

4.Protect privacy. When shutter is opened, have very good block action to outside line of sight, assure indoor light sufficient while, still blocked outside line of sight. Killing two birds with one stone.

5.It is easy to clean and the aluminum alloy material is not easy to be stained with ash. When cleaning, just take off and rinse with water, then dry.

3104 Aluminum Alloy-The Best Choice For Shutter

3104 aluminum alloy manufacturer-Mingtai aluminum industry

3104 aluminum alloy can not only be used to make louvers, but also can be used to make lamp cap materials, can materials, oxide materials, aluminum base materials for color coating, etc. Aluminum alloy shutter materials are not only 3104 aluminum alloy, but also 3004 aluminum sheet, 3005 aluminum plate, 5052 aluminum plate, 5182 aluminum sheet, etc.Mingtai aluminum industry not only provides aluminum alloy shutter base materials, but also other alloy grades etc, aluminum alloy substrate for various purposes,which you can choose. If you need aluminum alloy base material for louver or aluminum sheet/coil and foil roll for other purposes, please contact 86-186 3826 8963 (wechat / whatapp) .

3104 Aluminum Alloy-The Best Choice For Shutter


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