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Henan Mingtai Al. Industrial Co., Ltd. Participated in “2014 Zhengzhou Entrepreneurs’ Festival”


Henan Mingtai Al. Industrial Co., Ltd. Participated in “2014 Zhengzhou Entrepreneurs’ Festival”

On June 11th, “2014 Zhengzhou Entrepreneurs’ Festival”, jointly hosted by Zhengzhou Municipal Association of Undertakings, the Municipal Association of Entrepreneurs and the Joint Union of Industry and Economics was held at Yingbin Hotel of Yellow River, Henan. Leaders including chairman of the above three organizations, Mr. Hao Jiansheng and standing vice-chairman and president of the board, Mr. Zhang Wentian participated in the activity, together with over 300 entrepreneurs of Zhengzhou city. Henan Mingtai Al. Industrial Corp., Ltd. was also presented as an award-winner at the invitation of the organizing parties.

The evaluation process for the award-winners in this activity was very strict. On the recommendations of relevant county (city) organizations, the organizers evaluated the nominated enterprises and entrepreneurs from the aspects such as social responsibilities, performance of transformations and innovations, production and operation management as well as labor relations, and submitted the results to government departments including the Municipal Environmental Bureau, the Production Safety Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Industry and Information Committee, the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, etc. for confirmation of the final winners list. As a leader in China’s aluminum industry, with its excellent performance in technological innovations and structural transformations, Henan Mingtai Al. Industrial Corp., Ltd. was awarded as the “Outstanding Enterprise on Technological Innovation and Structural Transformation in Zhengzhou” and “The 2013 Best Employer in Zhengzhou”.

The theme was identified as “making breakthrough through reformation and upgrading through innovation—a responsibility of the era for Chinese entrepreneurs” by National Association of Undertakings and Association of Entrepreneurs. The Chairman delivered a speech on “Accelerating Innovation and Transformation with Greater Determination and Courage and Making contributions for the Development of the Economy and the Society”. 2013 is a year of full opportunities and challenges. Henan Mingtai Al. Industrial Corp., Ltd. has upgraded its product structures and sought for technological development this year. With systemic integration of production, universities and scientific researches, the company constantly tackles challenges in science and technology, so as to make more contributions for the development of China’s central plain regions.

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