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Coorporations between Universities and Enterprises


Coorporations between Universities and Enterprises

On January 7th 2013, the company signed a cooperative agreement with Wang Guodong, an academician from the State Key Lab of Rolling & Automation (RAL) and CAE (The Chinese Academy of Engineering). City leaders, including Zhang Chunyang, Shen Xinzhong, Liang Xianfeng, and Jiao Zhenfu.Town leaders, such as Zhang Huilu, Pang Guanfeng, as well as other relative academicians, experts and professors were present at the signing ceremony.

Northeastern university and State Key Lab of Rolling & Automation (RAL),which are both state key labs with rich human resources, superior conditions of scientific research and fruitful research results. Wang Guodong is a famous pressure pressing expert at home. He has devoted himself to metal rolling theory as well as technology and automation research for ages, and he has undertaken many major scientific research projects in national 978 and 863 plans. In the future, the company will continue to adopt the development model of industry-university research cooperation, focus on key technology and execute plans of transportation aluminum and equipments, and will cooperate to research new aluminum materials for transportation in the next five years. What’s more,we also get the supports from CAERI, BUAA (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics), Great Wall Automobile, Chery Automobile and so on to promote the development of aluminum.

Mayor Zhang Chunyang said, municipal party committee and the municipal government will fully support the tripartite cooperation in order to create a good environment and provide the omni-directional service for the smooth implementation of the cooperative program. Our company will seize this opportunity, provide adequate security for partners, and drive the project to reach goals as soon as possible; partners should strengthen the scientific research, and speed up the industrialization of implementation; cooperative enterprises should strengthen communication, support each other, and promote a healthy and rapid development of auto light weight.

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