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Senior Leaders Visit Frond Production Line Workers on New Year’s Eve


Senior Leaders Visit Frond Production Line Workers on New Year’s Eve

On New Year's Eve of January 30th 2014 when every family was supposed to reunion, people are immersed in the joyful festival atmosphere with a myriad twinkling lights, colorful fireworks and continuous firecrackers. General Manager Mr. Du Youdong, vice General Manager Mr. Liujie and Ms. Wang Lijiao together with other senior leaders and branch plant managers visited the frond production line workers who stuck to their posts during the festival with gifts to express their caring and greetings for the new year.

Mr. Du and other officers went to the frond workshop, inspecting and inquiring about the production, and expressed his wishes to workers. Mr. Du also exhorted functionaries involved to pay special attention to production safety to ensure safety production during the spring festival. Workers on the production line confirmed that they would live up to the expectations of the leaders, work diligently to accomplish the targets and contribute to a leaping progress in the new year.

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