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Henan Province Securities Regulatory Bureau Came To Mingtai Al. For Investigation


On August 27th, 2014, Henan province securities regulatory bureau chief, Liu Qingsong, together with the other three people, came to Mingtai Al. for investigation. Our chairman and company senior managers took part in the reception and talk.

Chairman Ma accompanied director Liu to visit our factories, and explained production process of raw material ingots into aluminum plate strips and foils, and production management situation. Director Liu gave high praise to working environment, employee quality, production capacity, equipped level, quality management system, etc.

Soon afterwards, on the forum, Chairman Ma introduced company profile, development strategy, and the progress of enlist project to leaders from securities regulatory bureau. Then both sides carried on a deep discussion about present domestic macro-economy environment, aluminum process trend at abroad, developing direction of company, influence from macro- economy environment and so on and so forth.

Director Liu first approved the measure of keeping stable production and seize opportunity to updating and transition at the period of downturn in aluminum industry. Then he encouraged company to take full advantage of the platform for capital market, make the enterprise bigger and stronger, and promote healthy and sustainable development. At last, he hoped the company continuously to improve management level, be good in inner control regulation, promote information disclosure quality, and try to be an example of listed company.

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