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The Consumption of Aluminum around the World will expand 7% in 2015


According to the Foreign News Agency on 13th January, Alcoa, the biggest aluminum manufacturer in America, predicted that the consumption of aluminum around the world is likely to expand 7% in 2015. This situation is caused by the demands from automotive manufacturer as well as aviation industry.

The Consumption of Aluminum around the World will expand 7% in 2015

Brian Yu, an analyst of Citigroup Inc., noted that: “The consumption of aluminum will surpass production in Europe and America, and this would contribute to the prices in these regions. However, the supply in China would be too much to consume in domestic.” He thought the demands trend is pretty healthy.

Klaus Kleinfeld, the CEO of Alcoa, claimed that the demands of commercial and regional aircraft will stimulate the sales of aluminum in aviation increase 10%, after announcing the four seasons performance on Monday.

Alcoa is the first S&P 500 enterprise to public its performance in four seasons. The report claimed the profits and sales were both better than expectation. After the announcement, the share price of Alcoa increased 2.4%.

The focus of automotive manufacturer tends to light car weight and improve fuel efficiency, which increases the demands of aluminum. Kleinfeld also showed that though the energy price in recent months as very low, this trend in automotive industry would continue, because manufacturer need to do this and customers like it.

The Production Capacity of China will Increase:

According to data, the demands of aluminum will surpass supply. The gap in aluminum market will narrow to 38,000 tons when it was 948,000 tons in 2014. Alcoa didn’t leak the predicted price. Though the demands expected of aluminum around the world are increasing, the supply can still keep up. Alcoa predicted the aluminum production capacity would increase 5,100,000 tons, of which 4,400,000 tons were from China.

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