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Aluminum Premium Goes Down for the Increasing Exports of China


The premium of primary aluminum in Asia has gone down since March. Because the numbers of aluminum product suppliers increase rapidly, the market now fears that semi finished aluminum products will get into trouble.

Backwardation of aluminum product in this week has dropped to 150$, which reduced a half than in March.

“More and more supplier wants to sell their products”. A Chinese dealer said. In this week, his company purchased bits of high-quality aluminum products from international trade company both in domestic and western countries.

An Asian dealer from an international trade company said that the suppliers are also including India manufactures and international trade company.

The market from American and Europe has seen a notable drop in its growth rate. The price of aluminum product in both two markets is around 160-195, which is lower than 250-270$ in April and 500$ in November of 2014.

Aluminum products dealers said that there is rapid growth of aluminum supplement since March, but it is unclear about the concrete amount.

The aluminum dealers reveal that a giant aluminum products enterprise is in bulk sale and they provided 1000 tons of aluminum on condition of a 3 to 6-monthes contract.

The backwardation of semi finished aluminum products will depress the prices of primary aluminum, a dealer said.

As the largest primary aluminum producing and consuming country in the world, exports volume of primary aluminum alloy aluminum and semi finished production reached to 1.65 million tons, which is 40% over the same period of last year. Statistic analysis revealed that most of export productions are semi finished aluminum products.

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