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Primary Aluminum Hit a Record High


The statistics released by State Statistic Bureau shows that the output of primary aluminum hit a record high of 2.59 million tons in April of this year, which is higher than 256 tons of last year. At the same time, the output of cooper dropped to the lowest point.

The output of primary aluminum is in total of 10.1 million tons, which increased by 8.8% year on year.

The output of copper dropped from 63635 tons to 60453 tons during the period from March to April, which is the lowest quantity since April of 2014.

“Since China is the largest aluminum producer of the world, the increase of Chinese aluminum manufacturers will meet the demand for aluminum production in the future” Rusal said.

From the standpoint of Alcoa, they see the excess capacity continuing to increase by 326000 tons in this year.

Primary aluminum outputs are 10.1 million tons in the first four years, which is increased by 8.8% in this year.

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