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China: Increasing Aluminum Exportation has Driven Prices Down


Aluminum cost has fallen dramatically since the beginning of this year. The exportation volume reached 1650 thousand tons and increased by 40% than in April of last year. These aluminum productions mainly include primary aluminum, alloy aluminum and semi finished aluminum production. Some analysts hold that it is mainly because the booming of aluminum manufacturers in china.

Manufacturers from India now are under threat. Firstly, the unit price of aluminum falls down in India. Moreover, since the close connection with LME, India manufacturer also suffer from it.

President of Rusal predicted that if aluminum exportation of china reached 5 million tons, it will cause a short supply in around the world.

Aluminum cost dropped to 23% in Europe and 18% in Midwestern of America during the past 6 months.

According to the view of Goldman Sachs, average price of aluminum is $1800 per ton.

But it doesn’t mean that Chinese manufacturers ignore this problem; they really cut off 25000 tons of aluminum production from some falling companies.

The problems in aluminum industry are quite similar with the steel industry—When the social cost that they should pay is large than the loss, local government will ask them to keep up production.

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