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Aluminum Price Deficit Lead to Increasing Ingots Importation


Under the background of aluminum price deficit in the world, primary aluminum ingots importation will increase in further months, according to the report from

Chinese investors see profits from the low exchange price in LME. They sell them out in Shanghai while buy it in LME. At the same time, they will get some extra importation items from this process.

Manufacturers in Guangdong province are major groups since they want to produce aluminum material and automotive parts. They can import these items for nearly free duty and then sell it into overseas.

According to present situation, investors can get low profits during this process.

The aluminum price in china keeps stable under the complicated global situation. The limitation policy in china take effect so that we can get 13,000 Yuan in Thursday and 12900 at the begin of January

Giant manufacturers in china begin to adopt aluminum limitation policy to protect their profits.

A manager of smelter said that most of manufactures use aluminum alloy to produce semi productions.

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