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Aluminum Manufactures Appealing to Tariff Increase in Russia


According to the news from WebsTockedomosti, a local news agency in Russia, rusal, joined with domestic consumer business, are appealing to impose tariff on aluminum contained production like steel imported items and others.

The report released that state owned aluminum giant like Rusal, Rusal, United Aircraft Corp, United Shipbuilding Corp as well as Alcoa branch in Russia has required industry department to hold a meeting in this week.

The above companies also claimed that they will form an aluminum association to deal with the increase aluminum production and the decrease of aluminum consumption, as what cited in the report.

On the meeting in this weekend, these corporations required to increase 20-30% on importation aluminum productions. The total aluminum consumption in both Russia and the Commonwealth of the Independent States are 1.9 million tons and 90 tons of it comes from ruasal. The others are 700 thousand tons are imported and 300 thousand tons are recycled aluminum.

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