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Rebound in Aluminum and Zinc Price


Due to Greece debt crisis was relief and the prosperous statistics form America, most metal price becomes rebound to a higher level in July. Many investors are eager to sell their stock out and finish the depressed trend. Basic metal price in past two days has dropped to a record low point.

Gianclaudio Torlizzi, a consoler form T-Commodity consulate institution said that the great breakthrough in Aluminum, zinc and lead production technology can help the price escape from the depression. There is a promising outlook in next few weeks. As the prosperous situation of mental market, public debt market begins to attract the attention from Greece. The frustrated country said that they are preparing to accept the bailout form international debit institution.

Aluminum price has increased by 2.1% within 3 months, which ended in the final quotation of 1727 dollars.

The micro expansion of Chinese manufacturer industry shows that there is a prudent performance for china economy.

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