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Mingtai Al.: Analysis of Aluminum China 2015


On July 8th, 2015, Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. will attend China international aluminum industry exhibition with new products. The exhibition has been successfully held ten times. The development of the exhibition can be called a vivid minature of China aluminum industry.

The subject of exhibition this year is “Tansportation Aluminum”, which symbolizes a fresh field of a new energy aluminum, as well as the main developing direction that led by Mingtai Al.

Technical problems and the latest research result will be further discussed in this forum. Meanwhile, many excellent enterprises including Mingtai Al., are invited to this exhibition for industry communication.

Construction& packaging: Going deep into traditional superior domain

Deep Processing: Focus on the future of aluminum industry

Aluminum China 2015: Reflection back ground transformation

From tradition to modern, a new round industry development is changing aluminum processing industry. How should industries adapt to new tread and deal with approaching opportunities and challenges? Aluminum China 2015 will bring more information and new reflections to enterprises and people.

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