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Imported Alumina Volume of China

Imported alumina reached 220 thousand tons in June of 5.15, which reduced by 40% compared with last year. The figure decreased in total of 1.81 million by 34.4% in past six months.

Global Aluminum Demands Increased to 1480 by 15%

Global primary aluminum increased 14.8 million tons by 15% compared with last year, which growth by 5% than the same period of last year. Finantial statement analysis from Norsk Hydro shows that the rate of increase is about 5%. In second quarter, primary aluminum demand increased by 5.8% in addition to china, which has growed by 2.1% than the same period of last year. Annual aluminum demands grow to 28.2 million tons in the second quarter. The output reached to 26.30 million tons.

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