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Develop Status of Mingtai Al.


Develop Status of Mingtai Al.

Mingtai Al. is dedicated in producing and sailing of aluminum plate, sheet, foil and coil for 18 years. We are top 3 aluminum manufacturer in aluminum processing industry. At present, we focus on research and development in transportation aluminum industry and take all efforts to develop deep processing aluminum. In recent years, we make a great progress by continually invested in aluminum products in transportation. There are following types are within our capacity.:Aluminum Foil

,Household Foil, Container Foil, Adhesive Foil, Cable Aluminum, Air Conditioner Foil, Packaging Foil, Electronic Foil, Pharmaceutical Foil, Battery Shell Foil

Aluminum Sheet: Hot Rolled Plate, Brazing Sheet, Tread Plate, Thick Plate, Mirror Sheet, Coated Sheet, Wide Plate

Aluminum Coil: Coated Aluminum Coil, Cap Stock, PS/CTP Plate Stock, Hot Rolled Stock

Alloy Series: 1xxx Series, 3xxx Series, 4&7 Series, 5xxx Series, 6xxx Series, 8xxx Series

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