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ISO14001 System Certification

ISO14001 is the major standard of environmental management system, which is the international standard for enterprises to establish and implement environmental management system. This system can restrict the organization's behaviors to environment. Through the certification of ISO14000 environmental management system, the purpose of saving resources, reducing pollution, improving environmental quality, promoting economic sustainable and healthy development can be achieved. Users of ISO14000 series standard are the global business, industry, government, non-profit organizations, etc. Similar to ISO9000 series standards, this system can eliminates non-tariff trade barriers ("green barrier"), and promote the world trade.

Our Certification


Safety Data Sheet Material Certification

MSDS (Safety Data Sheet Material), refers to chemical safety instruction, for manufacturer and importer of chemicals, it is also a comprehensive legal document that used to elucidate the physicochemical characteristics of chemicals (such as the pH value, flash point, flammable, reactivity, etc.) It provides the physical and chemical parameters of the chemical, the explosion performance, the health hazards, safe use of storage, leakage treatment, first aid measures and the relevant laws and regulations, and so on. MSDS can be prepared by the manufacturer in accordance with the relevant rules. But in order to ensure the accuracy of the report, the application can be made by professional organizations.

Our Certification

 ISO/9001:2000 System Certification

SGS, referring to Society Generate de Surveillance S.A, is a world's leading authority of certification evaluation. SGS devotes to the most professional audit and value-added services, so that customers can get a different value experience. And it is known as the highest standards authority which combines professional, quality and integrity. It is also a leader and innovator in certification industry, and participated in the making of a number of world standards. To accelerate the development and application of high-performed aluminum alloy products for automobiles, Mingtai Al. obtained SGS certificated authority of ISO/9001:2000 quality management system certification after strict auditing by SGS.

Our Certification

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