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Mingtai Marine Grade Aluminum Sheet


Since 1891, aluminum alloy has applied in shipbuilding for hundreds of years. By virtue of its superior performance like low density, high strength corrosion resistance and etc., Marine Grade Aluminum Sheets are widely used in cruiser, merchant ship, ferry, traffic boat and other high speed craft. The widely application of Marine Grade Aluminum Sheet boost the prosperity of aluminum processing industry.

Marine Grade Aluminum Sheet

Henan Mingtai Al. Industrial Co., Ltd is experienced in the business of marine grade aluminum sheet since 1998. We can supply aluminum alloy with 1-8 series with varies tempers. The popular marine grade aluminum sheet includes aluminum alloy 5052, 5083 and 5086, which keeps best physical properties against other aluminum alloys. Mingtai Aluminum sheet is famous for its quality and performance.

Among the entire Marine grade aluminum sheet, aluminum alloy 5083 is regarded as the the most advanced aluminum alloy of the shipbuilders. Many excellent properties like high strength, corrosion resistance, good mould ability, and excellent welding characteristics are contained in aluminum alloy 5083.In order to guarantee the quality of our sheet, we equipped with advanced equipments like hot rolling Tension-leveling Machine,

All ships’ components, from the shell to the superstructures, are made of aluminium, ,which provides a significant gain in speed; sometimes shells of higher-capacity ships are made of steel, while superstructures and other auxiliary equipment is made of aluminium alloys, which can reduce the total weight of the vessel and increasing its carrying capacity.

5 series of Aluminium alloy was also used in manufacturing the shells of yachts, masts, and port infrastructure. Being light and quick, they proved their profitability and speed advantage, and became standard for passenger transportation for many years.

Although this alloy is often called the ‘shipbuilding’ alloy, it is also widely used in many other industries like rail vehicle, transportation, automobile, electronics, etc.

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