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The Advantages of Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy


Aviation grade aluminum alloy, also refers to aerospace aluminum or aircraft aluminum, is a high performance aluminum alloy which mainly applied in construction, aircraft and marine industries. The widespread use of aviation grade aluminum alloy mainly because its excellent physical properties like corrosion resistance, non-sparkeing as well as other stable physical properties.

With the development of science and technology, Aviation grade aluminum alloy becomes one of the best choices for most aerospace manufacturer. People prefer to use aluminum alloy as the raw material for aircraft because it is faster and lighter as well as the corrosion resistance properties. This nonferrous material brings a great breakthrough to modern aircraft innovation. With lighter fuselage and faster speed, aviation grade aluminum alloy bring a lots of benefits to both aircraft manufactures and consumers.

Major alloys that use for aviation grade aluminum alloy is include 5000 series and 6000 series.

5000 series of aluminum alloy also can be called MgAl aluminum alloy, which is a composite alloy consisted of both Magnesium and aluminum. The characteristics of MgAl aluminum alloy are easy of fabrication, high strength and corrosion resistance. For aluminum alloy 6000 series, it is a kind of composite alloy of Magnesium Silicon as well as aluminum. Superior physical properties like electric conductinve, thermal conduction and corrosion resistance makes aviation grade aluminum alloy 6000 seires, especially for 6061, more suitable for aircraft body and parts. Aluminum alloy 6061 can be clad to offer higher corrosion resistance. Most of clad materials are PE and PVDF. It is also approved by many aluminum suppliers. There are different tempered grades such 6061 O, 6061 T651 and 6061 T6. In light of its good mechanical properties, aviation grade aluminum alloy are widely used in aircraft bodies (fuselage), tank fittings, electrical components, wings as well as high pressure applications and engines.

Henan Mingtai Al. Industrial Co., Ltd is experience in the business of aviation grade aluminum alloy for decates of years. We can supply 5000 series and 6000 series of aluminum alloy with varies of tempers. We are qualified to supply aviation grade aluminum alloy with authorized certification.

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