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Aluminum Tank Stock and Its Present Situation


Aluminum fuel tank is made of aluminum alloy stock. The technology of making aluminum alloy is similar to that of iron but optimization is carried out according to fuel tank structure, which makes the comprehensive performance more stable and simple. Thus, it is convenient for assembly line. Generally speaking, 5xxx aluminum alloy is adopted to manufacture aluminum fuel tank. 5xxx aluminum alloy contains Mg, so compared to 1xxx and 3xxx series aluminum alloys, it has higher strength, formability, anti-correction, weldability and so on and so forth. So it is perfect for producing automotive tank. In some respect, we can all it as tank stock. Other typical products of 5xxx series include aluminum tread plate, deck, electronic products, etc.

Fuel tank is a necessity in automotive manufacture. Adopting aluminum alloy as tank stock, can not only reduce weight, but also no correction for its anti-rusty function. Thus, it does not need to be cleaned frequently. Since 2000, aluminum alloy has been vastly adopted to manufacture automotive fuel tank, especially America and Europe. In recent years, more and more manufacturers in domestic begin to use aluminum alloy as tank stock, such as heavy truck. As the development of varieties new materials, eco-friendly material aluminum is getting more and more popular than iron. What’s more, aluminum alloy has better resistance to correction (up to 10 years). So aluminum alloy takes tank stock market quickly since its invention. Nowadays, aluminum tank stock has already been a developing direction in automotive field. Companies, such as Benz has already adopted aluminum fuel tank thoroughly.

On this situation, Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. accelerates steps on research and develops aluminum tank stock. After long-term research and test, Mingtai Al. can provide high quality tank stock. Not only in the quality, but also made a breakthrough in quantity. By now, Mingtai Al. mainly used 5xxx aluminum alloy as tank stock. With more than 10 years experience, Mingtai Al. already has a stable and mature manufacturing technique and a place in this market. Besides, aluminum tank stock of Mingtai Al. has a long life cycle and high recycling rate (up to 85%), which live up to international standards.

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