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China Has Become The Torld's Largest Consumer of Electrode Aluminum Foil


Currently, the Japanese manufacturers dominate the global market of aluminum electrolytic capacitor. The top ranking players from all over the world are Chemi-Con, Nichicon, Rubycon and Panasonic supply for the year of 2013. The top four suppliers has about 64% of the global share, after Japanese suppliers, Taiwan-based companies has a market share of 14%.

In 2013, China produced about one billion aluminum electrolytic capacitors 109.5, an increase of 9.5% last year; sales revenue of RMB10.4 it gets billions representing an increase of 9.47% over the same period last year. With the global aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturing to China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong manufacturers have set up factories in mainland China in recent years.

In an era of energy conservation, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, not only steady growth in traditional consumer electronics, but also witnessed the expansion of the application of structural adjustment in many emerging areas (such as energy-saving lamps, inverter, new energy, rail transportation backdrop) and After technical progress. In 2014-2016, China's demand for aluminum electrolytic capacitors is expected to grow by about 7%, and will reach 172 billion in 2016.

Given the promising market and the development of aluminum electrolytic capacitors enterprises, China aluminum electrolytic capacitor giants have devoted themselves to the development of new technology, capacity expansion and market share in recent years to integrate ð. In 2013, the top eight players in the Man Yue Technology, Lelon Electronics, Aihua Group Jianghai capacitor representing and realizing the comprehensive capacity of more than 40.5 billion. Man Yue Technology, with a capacity of 10.8 one billion as China's largest manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, followed Lelon Electronics to 9.12 billion.

With the aluminum electrolytic capacitor and the development of other industries, China has become the world's largest consumer of electrode aluminum foil. In 2013, China need information about 37,200 tons of electrolytic capacitor electrode foil upstream. As a production base for aluminum electrolytic capacitors transferred to China's rapid rise in output stability, China is expected to have an electrode aluminum foil market demand, reaching 43,200 tons by 2016.

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