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Color coated aluminum coil


The light aluminum coil cleaned, chromium, roll coating, baking and other processing, aluminum coil surface with a coat of paint of various colors, which is the pre-painted aluminum coil.

Color coated aluminum coil


Light texture, bright colors, easy molding, no rust, etc., are widely used in insulation panels, aluminum curtain walls, roofing systems magnesium manganese, aluminum ceiling and other areas.

Mingtai coated aluminum coil with excellent quality and advanced management, so that our printing aluminum coil, coil and application of printing products have been exported to Europe, North and South America, Australia, Southeast Asia and many other countries and regions, the export volume of one million tons.

The coated aluminum coil, because the processing and use of different purposes, can be simply divided into:

Surface coating of paint, into the polyester (PE) coated aluminum coil with fluorocarbon (PVDF) coating aluminum volume; epoxy roller coating aluminum coil. Of course, there is also a fluorocarbon coated on one side, another polyester topcoat situation; the situation is even double-sided are coated fluorocarbon.

Sixth, the thickness of the coating:

Can be divided into single-coated (4μm-20 μm); double-coated (25μm-28 μm); 3 coating (35μm-38μm);

Surface pattern diversity, also known as wood aluminum coil, aluminum coil marbled, brick pattern, camouflage aluminum coils, aluminum coils and other cloth;

Because different purposes, also commonly we become roof material (magnesium manganese roof system), ceiling material (made of aluminum alloy smallpox), drawing board (drawing surface after treatment).

Coated aluminum dadvantages

① good heat resistance, aluminum melting point of 660 degrees, the average temperature of less than its melting point.

② environmental protection is strong and difficult to change the use of chromium-free treatment solution operates; roller paint containing the active chemical molecules, prompting the material surface to form a protective layer. Active chemical molecules stabilize easy recovery, to meet environmental requirements.

③ corrosion resistance because its surface oxide film layer tight, with strong adhesion, oxidation resistance, acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, resistance to decay, resistant to ultraviolet radiation and other characteristics.

④ color uniform, long-lasting, even delicate color. Soft and bright, to avoid the traditional spraying of individual color phenomenon, regardless of how much area of the ceiling, its color consistent color. Persistent constant new.

⑤ just tough combination of high strength plate surface. Just tough combination, free cutting, slitting, bending arc, constant voltage, drilling, connecting fixed and side compression molding.

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