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Coated Aluminum Sheet of Mingtai Al.


1. Introduction of Coated Aluminum Sheet

The coatings of color coated aluminum include polyester (PE) and fluorocarbon (PVDF) coating. After baking on the surface many times, a thin film can form on the surface, which not only has protection character but also decorative function. Mingtai Al. has a 400 meter-long double coating and baking production line to manufacture coated aluminum sheet of 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx series. The coating thickness varies from 0.25mm-2.5mm and the paint that Mingtai Al. adopt are national famous, such as PPG, Nippon and Berg, etc. So the quantity can be guaranteed.

Coated Aluminum Sheet of Mingtai Al.


2. Features of Coated Aluminum Sheet

1) Flatness of Coated Aluminum Sheet

No crash or trace of high temperature on the surface. No residual stress. No deformation after cutting.

2) Decorative of Coated Aluminum Sheet

Varieties of colors, providing the enjoyment of beauty and multiple choice.

3) Weather Resistance of Coated Aluminum Sheet

After baking under high temperature, gloss can still be hold completely. Stable color and almost no color difference. The quality assurance of PE is 10 years, and PVDF is over 20 years.

4) Mechanic of Coated Aluminum Sheet

High quality aluminum stock is selected and advanced technology is adopted. All year around, no bending, deformation and expansion will happen even under extreme weathers.

5) Eco-friendly of Coated Aluminum Sheet

Anti-correction of acid rain. No bacteria or toxic producing. Live up to national standard.

3. Applications of Coated Aluminum Sheet

Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. can manufacture coated almuminum sheet of almost all colors with high quality to satisfy customers’ demands. With 17-year experience, coated aluminum sheet of Mingtai Al. has vivid colors, so both residential and commercial buildings can use it to decorate. Good plasticity and mechanics makes coated aluminum sheet an ideal material for varieties of buildings. Modern or classic, coated aluminum sheet can satisfy different unique styles. Besides, it is also applied in electronic (computer case, appliances, phone shell, etc.), lamp decoration, packaging, construction (aluminum composite panel, aluminum honeycomb, roof, ceiling, shutter, rolling door, garage door, rain cover, etc.), transportation (road sign), and other fields. What’s more, Mingtai Al. can provide different specifications at customers’ need.

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