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Introduction of Mingtai Aluminum


Zhengzhou mingtai industry co. ltd , a famous aluminium manufacture , shares a lagre number of market home and abroad. Upon talking about aluminium industry ,the inevitable one flowing into people’s mind is MINGTAI ALUMINIUM .MINGTAI ALUMINIUMN is famous for its varieties of products including 1xxx, 3xxx, and 5xxx series and so on , among which , the most common alloy is 3003, 5052 and 6061. And most important of all is that MINGTAI ALUMINIUM can manufacture uncommon specifications at costumer’s need .

Introduction of Mingtai Aluminum


Consciously or unconciously , Mingtai aluminium ranks top 3 among the manufactures in China and top 23 in the world with an annual output of 450000 tons . On top of that , mingtai aluminium can live up to national standards, such as AMS and JIS. So quality can be guaranteed and mingtai aluminium has been exported more than 40 countries and regions and got highly praised by customers all over the world . believe it or not ,some products of Mingtai aluminium shares more than 50% home market ,making Mingtai aluminium get the top one among aluminium industry of home market . There is no denying that these years have witnessed an increasing number of customers who speak highly of Mingtai aluminium , which is largely attributed to the fact that Mingtai aluminium has always got the high quality products and good after –well sevice . That is the main reason why Mingtai aluminium has got such a great number of achievements nowadays

Nowadays it’s not exaggerated to say that there are an increasing number of manufactures rising one after the other , however , as one of the most earliest manufactures found in 1997 ,which was the aircraft carrier among private processing enterprises. Mingtai aluminium has always kept the leader status for its high-tech equipments and good quality and after services . The company is a fully equipped aluminum rolling mill. Main machinery include: continous casting lines, cold rolling mills,foil mills, tension-levelling lines, shearing lines, slitting lines, and a 1+4 tandem hot mill with an annual capacity of 300 thousand metric tons .The company has a total employee of 2000 out of whom 122 are professionals. The company has been continually expanding itself ever since it’s founded. Now the company is a ISO9000 certified company and has been continually awarded by the local government.

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