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The Application of 6xxx Series alloys


6xxx series alloys belonging to "Al-Mg-Si" alloy, wherein the elemental silicon is about 0.3% ~ 1.3%, about 0.35% magnesium - 1.4%. 6 based alloy in hundreds of different components, the proportion of aluminum alloy 6083,6082,6061,6005 about more than 80%, is one of the 6 Series 6105 aluminum alloy is widely used in recent years.

The Application of 6xxx Series alloys


6105 aluminum alloy in the production, need solution treatment plus aging treatment. Quenching a wide range, low sensitivity to quenching temperature, thin-walled parts can achieve air quenching (strong wind cooling). 6105 aluminum frame is widely used in construction and the automotive industry, etc., capable of carrying structure and body panels. The alloy has a relatively large over-aging trend in the welding process, a direct result of temperature-induced strengthening phase changed.

6105 aluminum corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance is high, you can use good, easy coating, good process ability. In the automotive, construction, shipbuilding field has a very broad application prospects, therefore, one of the products of many manufacturers focus on 6105 aluminum alloy is developed.

Henan aluminum foil industry gathering area with leading companies - Mingtai Aluminum, aluminum alloy 6105 as the representative of the 6 Series aluminum scale production is in full swing, with the development of marine economy and rail transportation and other high-end industrial aluminum of 6105 Aluminum manufacturers will usher in greater development opportunities.

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