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51,000 MT Backward Aluminum Electrolytic Aluminum Production Capacity Has Been Eliminate During The 2014


All the providences and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Group in China have successfully finished the targets to eliminate the backward production capacities in electronic power industry, the coal industry, the iron-making industry, steel-making industry and other related industries, during the 2014, according to the Notice on Backward Production Capacity Elimination Policy released by the Bureau of Energy together with Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The entire country has saved 486,000KW electronic power, 23,000,000MT coal resources, 2,823,000MT iron resources, 3,113,000MT steel resources, 1,853,000MT coke resources, iron alloy 262,000MT,194,000MT Calcium carbide, 51,000MT electrolytic aluminum,76,000MT coper-making, 36,000 lead-making, 8,700,000MT cement, 3,760,000 boxes flat glasses, 547,000 pieces paper, 620,000 pieces man made leather,

In recent years, the backward production capacities have already become the main reasonstop the Chinese economy keep moving forward. And the backward production capacities not only wasted quite a lot of limited social resources and strictly polluted the social environment the Chinese people lives in. Nowadays the balance of the growth of the economy and the protection of the environment has become a hot topic in the rapidly developing China. And the backward production capacity policy is certainly a trial by the Chinese government. And how this policy would contribute to the Chinese economy and environment? We shall wait and see.

And in the aluminum industry we are also facing the same issue, too much backwards aluminum production capacity has rushed into the Chinese and Global aluminum market. Strongly influenced the regular production of top aluminum factories such as MingTai aluminum. As an influence of the large amount backward aluminum production, no matter the price or the production has already greatly changed compared to the formal aluminum market.

To create a better business environment in the aluminum industry, can not only by the government’s regulations, each related factories should take its responsibilities, to develop the new technologies, to eliminate the backwards production capacities. Only in that way can we save our worse environment and poor aluminum economic environment

The 51,000 MT backward aluminum electrolytic aluminum production capacity elimination during the 2014 is only a beginning of the Chinese industrial new revolution. We have the reason to believe that the future of the Chinese aluminum market will certainly become more and more positive in the not far from future through the continues efforts make by the Chinese people.

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