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Introduction on Aluminum Tread Plates


There are many kinds of aluminum tread plates in the market, which makes people may feel confused on what they should choose to fulfill their needs. Here are some introduction on the many kinds of the Aluminum Tread Plates.

Introduction on Aluminum Tread Plates


1. The aluminum 5 Bar Tread Plate: Has 5 bars on each pattern. Not only good in price, but also can provide the best anti-skid effect.

2. The Orange Peel Shape Tread Plate: Has the similar surface as the orange peel has, it can also provide good anti-skid performance, and it looks pretty.

3. Diamond Patten Tread Plate: Also known as 1 Bar Tread Plate, have a compass needle’s shape pattern.

4. Hyacinth Bean Shape Tread Plate: The pattern looks like hyacinth beans. Commonly seen in some public areas. Such as the floor in the bus.

5. There are also other kinds of tread plates, the Triangle bar tread plate, the wave shape tread plate, corrugated tread plate, etc.

All these kinds of tread plates are applied in the refrigerator making; the air conditioner making; the carriage making; the package making; the tube making; and other kinds of situations. The tread plates helped a lot not only in the industrial productions but also the daily life of the common people. In another word, nowadays we are already cannot live in a word without tread plates

The tread plates can also be classified by the alloy they are made from. Usually the common seen alloys are 1xxx series, 3xxx series, 5xxx series. The 1xxx have lower price, the 3xxx stands in the middle between 1xxx and 5xxx in price and performance.

1. The regular tread plate: Made from 1060 alloy, can be applied in most of the common situations, the floor, the packages, etc. And the price is usually completive then other tread plates

2. Al-Mn alloy tread plates: Mainly made from 3003 Alloy, which is usually called the anti-rust aluminum tread plates. The mechanical properties of this kind off plates are better than the 1060 alloy, and have better anti-rust performance. But cannot be compared to the 5000 seriesaluminum tread plate.

3. Al-Mg alloy tread plates: Mainly made from 5052, 5083, 5000 alloy. Have great anti-rust performance, hardness and corrosion resistance. This kind of tread plates usually applied in some special occasions, the ship making, and the moisture environment.

The (GB/T 3618-2006) is the standard for aluminum tread plates in China.

And Ming-Tai Aluminum is the earliest and best factory in making aluminum tread plates in China.Our products are exported to North America, South America, Europe, South Asia, Mid-East Asia, Africa, and Austria. Aluminum tread plates have become one of the main products in our market.And the quality and our service have been praised by our long term cooperate customers all over the world.

We are sure that MingTai aluminum shall offer you the best quality products to satisfy all your needs.Your trust is our biggest motivations in our path towards booming years.

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