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Food Packaging Aluminum Foil of Mingtai Al.


1. Introduction of Food Packaging Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil refers to foils with max thickness of 0.20mm. According to the bright snad smooth of its surface, aluminum foil can be divided into foil with one-side bright and foil with double-side bright. Food packaging aluminum foil means foils mainly used to package foods, it is often made into aluminum coil condition. It mainly covers 1xxx series, 3xxx series, 5xxx and 8xxx series aluminum foil. The typical alloys include 1060, 1100, 3003, 8011, 8021 and 8079, with tempers of H14, H16 and H18. Mingtai Al. can provide food packaging foil with thickness of 0.018mm-0.2mm and width of 300mm-1100mm.

Food Packaging Aluminum Foil of Mingtai Al.


2. Features of Food Packaging Aluminum Foil

Food packaging aluminum foil has bad penetrability, especially for oxygen and steam, which means it can prevent air from food. Thus, it can prevent food from dampness and light. So it is perfect for packaging. What’s more, food packaging aluminum foil is out of smell or toxic, so it is safe and hygiene for food. Moreover, food packaging aluminum foil can be reprocessed for printing or other procedures, which can make the appearance more beautiful. Food packaging aluminum foil is light in weight, so it is convenient for carry. Food packaging aluminum foil is made of aluminum, so it has almost no pollution to the environment and can be recycled. So it is popular with many people and consisted with eco-friendly situation at present. And I am sure this belief will never go die in the future.

3. Statues of Food Packaging Aluminum Foil

As the features above, more and more people are tending to use aluminum foil for food packaging. Food packaging aluminum foil of Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. can satisfy national standard, and with 17 years experience, Mingtai Al. can manufacture and supply high quality food packaging aluminum foil. And our products have been sold to many countries all over the world, such as Korean, India, etc. Advanced foil rolling machine guarantees the quality and good shape, as well as accurate control. 40 tons annealing machine improve the quality and technology of products.

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