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5754 Aluminum Sheet of Mingtai Aluminum


1. Introduction of 5754 Aluminum Sheet

5754 aluminum sheet is a typical alloy of Al-Mg. It contains Mg (2.6-3.6%), Si (0.4%), Cu (0.1%), Zn (0.2%), Mn (0.5%), CR (0.3%), Fe (0.4%), and Al (all the rest). 5754 aluminum sheet of Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. has tempers, such as O, H111, H32, H34, etc. The thickness is from 1mm-3mm. The tensile strength of Mingtai Al. is 190-280Mpa and elongation, both of which live up to national standard (such as GB/T 3880-2006). Except 5754 aluminum sheet, Mingtai Al. can also provide other aluminum sheet, aluminum foil and aluminum coil.

5754 Aluminum Sheet of Mingtai Aluminum


2. Heat Treatment Technology of 5754 Aluminum Sheet

Different heat treatment of 5754 aluminum sheet are used in different parts, the followings are the common ways of heat treatment.

1) Homogenizing Annealing: heat temperature to 440℃,stay hot for 12-14hours, then cold in the air.

2) Fast Annealing: heat temperature to 350℃-410℃, stay hot for 30-120minutes, then cold in the air or in the water.

3) High Temperature Annealing: heat temperature to 250℃-300℃, stay hot for 2-10minutes or cold in the air for 1-30minutes.

4) Low Temperature Annealing: heat temperature to 250℃-300℃ or 150℃-180℃, stay hot for 1-2hours, then cold in the air.

3. Surface Features of 5754 Aluminum Sheet

1) No crack, correction pit, or nitric acid trace.

2) Bubbles and defeat are allowed less than 8% of sheet depth. However, the max defeat depth cannot over 0.5mm, the defeat area cannot over 5% of the total area.

3) Allow supplier polish along vertical direction to make surface smooth.

4) Other requirement: made by buyer or supplier.

4. Applications of 5754 Aluminum Sheet

5754 aluminum sheet has middle strength, good anti-corrections, weldability and it is easy to mold. For it features above, 5754 aluminum sheet can be vastly used in automotive manufacturing, including car door, mould, sealing element, etc. What’s more, 5754 aluminum sheet can also be used as weld structure, pressure vessels, transport tank, marine structures, etc. All of these applications have high demands of weldability, strength of anti-fatigue, as well as other features. Mingtai Al. has 17 years experience in manufacturing and supplying 5754 aluminum sheet, so high quality and fast delivery can be guaranteed. Besides, Mingtai Al. can also manufacture other aluminum sheet, foil and coil from 1000 series to 8000series.

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