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Introduction on the 1060 aluminum sheet


1060 aluminum sheet belong to one kind of aluminum sheet, the aluminum content reached more than 99%, this alloy is very commonly used in aluminum products. The 1060 aluminum sheet application in the market is very parpular, particularly in use on scientific experiment and chemical fieds.1060 aluminum sheet is very common in our daily life, such as caps, capacitor shell, cabinet, lamp shell is made of 1060 Aluminum plate as raw material.

Introduction on the 1060 aluminum sheet


The 1060 aluminum sheet characteristics

In the performance of characteristics, the 1060 aluminum sheet has better performance on electric and thermal conductivity, besides it has a high resistance of corrosion. It is easy welding. 1060 aluminum sheet has good extension and tensile strength, which can meet conventional production in tension and stamping.

1060 aluminum sheet application range

1060 Aluminum sheet is commonly used in signs, billboards, the appearance decoration of buildings, bus body, factory buildings and wall body decoration, kitchen sink, lamp holder, fan blades, electronic parts, chemical apparatus, sheet processing, deep drawing or spinning concave ware, welding parts, heat exchanger, clock surface and surface plate, plate, kitchen utensils, ornaments, reflection instrument and so on.

The price of 1060 aluminum sheet

Compared with other high-grade aluminum alloy sheet,the price of 1060 aluminum sheet has a great advantage. We have mentioned in the previous article detailed introduction, here I will have simple popularization, if we want to know the price of 1060 aluminum sheet, we need ot know a few data., including the recent aluminum ingot price, the quantity in need, the production charge on such product from the mill, we need to know clearly, because there will be different price on different types of aluminum sheet processing methods. We can calculate the price according to the above data.

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