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Wide Aluminum plate development in Henan province


Wide Aluminum plate is a special kind of aluminum product in a large number of aluminum products. Generally speaking, the width of plates above the 1500mm is known as wide aluminum plate, the aluminum plate width above 2000mm is known as ultra wide aluminum plate. As concerned from the production equipment, the demand of rolling range of ultra wide aluminum plater is more higher than the normal plated,in particular for the plate width more than 2000mm. In terms of manufacturers,they have higher requirements on the production capacity of manufacturing enterprises in order to achieve the performance stability in a wide range. For now, only a part of large manufacturers who have stronger technology can meet the requirement of production on the wide aluminum plate.

In terms of domestic aluminum industries in Henan Goingyi area, there are hundreds of aluminum mills, however there are few manufacturers who can produce extra wide aluminum products. Some small manufacturers is unmatched for 2000mm rolling range. The largest aluminum mill Henan Mingtai alu industrial co., Ltd, who put into smoothly 1 + 1 hot rolling finishing width has reached 2800mm, become Henan area the widest range of rolling aluminum production enterprises, which not only enhance the ability but also promote the strong development of Henan ultra wide aluminum .

According to the person in charge of the Ming Tai aluminum: "the market is now commonly used in the ultra wide aluminum alloy with 5 series, 6 series, commonly used alloy is 5052-H112, 6061-T6, etc. Ultra wide aluminum plate has a bright future, in some of the emerging shipbuilding, auto parts, electronic equipment, precision machinery and other strong industry has a lot of market space.

Although according to the whole situation, there is still little quantity ,insufficient production capacity in the aluminum manufacturers, but with the production technology progress and pacesetting enterprises positive demonstration, I believe that there will be greater increase on ultra wide aluminum. At the same time, ultra wide aluminum manufacturers will also be on accompany with the development, the will adjust the structure, and enhance the market competitiveness.

To sum up , Wide Aluminum plate will have a brighter development in Henan province .

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