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General Catalogues of Aluminum alloy for Construction


Aluminum alloy plate

Aluminum alloy plate is commonly used in buildings and construction. Mingtai Aluminum can provide aluminum alloy with both cold rolled and hot rolled plate. Our mill finished aluminum sheet and coil are in thickness of 0.018 to 600mm. the width range is decided by thickness, thicker and wider. For the thickness of less than 4mm, we can provide aluminum sheet with the largest width of 1600mm. for the thickness of over than 8mm, we can provide the largest width of 2600mm. all these aluminum sheet are the aluminum alloy for construction.

General Catalogues of Aluminum alloy for Construction

Deep drawing stock

Our aluminum plates keep deep drawing properties. Deep drawing is a manufacturing process that combined cold rolled and annealed. There are following aluminum alloys for construction is proper for deep drawing: 3003, 3004, and 3102. But other material is also suitable for deep drawing.

Curtain wall aluminum alloy for construction

There is various patter of aluminum plate for curtain wall. One of the common used aluminum curtain wall aluminum alloy for construction is aluminum tread plate, which is Also can be called aluminum diamond plate. We can supply aluminum tread plated in thicknesses of 0.8 and 7.0 mm. We offer a wide range of products sizes and processing capabilities for your company’s needs. Products sizes range from .018-600 x 800-2600 wide and 8000mm long. All material meets ASTM and/or AMS specifications. With our processing capabilities, we can produce costumed aluminum diamonded plate. Beside this, Mingtai aluminum can also supply aluminum coil and foil. The coil can be covered in thickness of 0.2-200mm. and the foil should be in range of 0.018-200. For further details, pls click here to our website.

Major aluminum alloys for Construction





Aluminum alloy plate

3000 series

5000 series

6000 series

o H26

H12 H28

H14 H32

H16 H32

H16 H34

H18 H36

H19 H38

H22 T4

H24 T6

Building Windows, Door Frame, Roofing Decoration

Deep drawing Stock

1000 series

3000 series

8000 series




Utensil Lamp

Components parts

Curtain wall









Aluminum curtain wall

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