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Aluminum Market is Weak in 2015


Since 2015, under the influence, in aluminum alloy consumption slowdown, capacity building ahead, a substantial increase in imports of alloy aluminum and other factors, China's aluminum market downward pressure, aluminum business problems worse, the loss expanded. At present, the loss of more than 70% aluminum enterprise; 70% of aluminum enterprises will reduce wages, 30 percent of aluminum enterprises have wage arrears phenomenon, 20 percent of aluminum companies fell by more than 10% of wages.

Despite the grim economic performance aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy production and sales continue to decline, but into September since the index aluminum alloy imports, inventories, prices and other improved.

Data show that in September, the country imported 18.86 million tons of aluminum alloy, down 27.4 percent year on year, a decline of 18.1%. As of September 14, the whole society alloy aluminum stock, although sustained 33 months in more than 300 million tons, but the main port memory alloy aluminum fell by 8.3%. Alloy aluminum prices in September fell 10 yuan / ton, September appears stabilized microliters.

In addition, coal shipments also increased. In August, the national railway coal shipments grew 0.7%, mainly coal shipping port rose 6.4%.

September positive signs alloy aluminum market, both short-term factors and the Datong-Qinhuangdao line maintenance related, structured products brokerage will provide a very good development opportunities and to promote the coal industry turnaround policies and measures developed and implemented with the countries concerned.

Extreme downturn in the current market environment, the domestic electrolytic aluminum enterprises to implement a modest 15% -30% of production capacity or flexible production, not only the need for economic rationality are strong, but also allow the degree of tolerance and acceptance of local governments is higher, the aluminum industry cut or spontaneous moderately flexible production will become inevitable wise choice, which will improve the supply-demand relationship aluminum market fundamentally, prompting the current price distortions to a reasonable range. Antaike According to statistics, since October 2015, there are many domestic electrolytic aluminum enterprises to implement flexible production, involving production capacity of about 1.2 million tons / year. Expected in the next period of time, it will continue to be more domestic electrolytic aluminum enterprises to implement flexible production. At the same time, the current part of the production and new aluminum project is also expected to slow down the pace in the next period of time.

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