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Common Sense of 8021 Aluminum Foil


1. Introduction of 8021 Aluminum Foil

8021 aluminum foil is a kind of material that used to make packaging foil. It has features, such as hygiene and clean. And 8021 aluminum foil has shiny surface, so it can be used to make integrated packaging material. Besides, 8021 aluminum foil has good printing character, so it is high suitable for food packaging. Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is a listed company with 18 years experience in 8021 aluminum foil processing. And Mingtai Al. can provide many tempers of 8021 aluminum foil, including O, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, etc. The thickness is from 0.01mm-0.5mm and width from 100mm-1600mm. except 8021 aluminum foil, Mingtai Al. can manufacture 8011 and 8079 aluminum foil as well.

Common Sense of 8021 Aluminum Foil


2. Features of 8021 Aluminum Foil

As one of the 8xxx series aluminum alloy, 8021 aluminum foil is the most common alloy for food packaging. Of course this has something to do with its properties and characteristics. Most of the food will corrupt when exposed to the sunlight, 8021 aluminum foil is a kind of packaging material that is light-proof. Thus, it is perfect for food packaging. As for processing property, 8021 aluminum foil has good plasticity, so it can be processed into varieties of shapes and made into containers. The surface of 8021 aluminum foil is pretty hygiene, no bacteria or microganism can grow on it. What’s more, 8021 aluminum foil is nontoxic, so it can be contacted with food directly, and no harm will occur to people’s health.

3. Applications of 8021 Aluminum Foil

8021 aluminum foil can be used to manufacture liquor tag, cable, pharmaceutical packaging, household foil, container foil, food packaging, cap stock, tap foil, and so on and so forth. In food packaging, 8021 aluminum foil is mainly used to cooking or holding food. In packaging application, 8021 aluminum foil is generally processed into disposable tableware. Because of the content of 8021 aluminum foil is mainly aluminum, which is eco-friendly, so it is almost no damage to the environment. Mingtai Al. can manufacture high quality aluminum foil and supply in large amount. Some food, such as sweet potato, needle mushroom, etc. is easy to be burned, but 8021 aluminum foil can wrap the food in case of burning and it can also keep th fresh flavor of food.

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