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Aluminium sheet


Aluminium is the most produced metal in the world only second to iron ,it has replaced many traditional materials in many areas,take aluminium sheet as an example,the aluminium sheet has replaced the iron in areas such as building,automotive ,and machinery,etc.Since the aluminium sheet are wildly used in our modern life,so the quality is very important .Aluminum sheet with low density, but the strength is relatively high, close to or more than high quality steel, plastic, can be processed into a variety of profiles, with good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, widely used in industry.

Aluminium sheet


Aluminum sheet is divided into two major categories: cast aluminum alloy, used in cast state; deformation aluminum alloy, can bear pressure, mechanical properties are higher than the cast state. Can be processed into a variety of forms, specifications of aluminum alloy. Aluminium sheet products are widely used in building, curtain wall, packaging, food, air conditioners, refrigerators, solar energy, automobile, watercraft manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, cosmetic packaging, such as electrical appliances, machinery manufacturing industry, also can be used in power plant, chemical and petrochemical plant industry anticorrosion insulation and so on

There are many aluminium manufacturers in China along with the development of our country .Aluminium products are used in more and more areas.Talking about the aluminium sheet ,there are many of aluminium manufacturer in China, especially in Henan ,huiguozhen .But the most strength aluminium manufacturer should be Henan Mingtai Aluminium Industrial Co.,Ltd ,The company was established in 1997,main business is processing of aluminium products.The main equipments include:continous casting lines,casting lines,cold rolling mills,foil rolling mills,tension-levelling lines,shearing lines,slitting lines as well as a 400,000 MT per annum tandem hot mill (1+4).The main products cover flat rolled products of 1*** series,3*** series,4*** series,5 *** series,6 *** series, and 8*** series of different sizes.Main products include CTP plate stock,PS stock,aluminium electrode capacitor foil,foil stock ,deep-draw stock,brazing sheet,alloy sheet and plate.

With the help of capital market,Henan Mingtai Al Industrial Co.,Ltd are catching the best opportunities of development of aluminium industry ,we will speed up company innovation ,elevate configurations of machinery ,enlarge production scales,better product mix,enlarge the sales network ,strengthen our competitiveness and build the company into one that with the best comprehensive performance and vitality of the industry .

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