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Ming Tai aluminum in aluminum processing industry as the leading enterprises, the supply of the aluminum foil products in the domestic market also occupies a stable position The production of aluminum foil surface is bright and smooth, can be used in food packaging, manufacturing, construction, decoration, capacitance, printing and other fields The main products are: aluminum foil ,food foil, capacitor foil, decorative foil, foil for medicine, household foil flexible packaging foil Brief introduction of the classification use of aluminum foil

Food foil surface has the performance of oil clean and shiny clean, usually used for food containers ,such as aluminum foil paper plate, can be placed directly on the fire baking and steaming, the food is heated evenly inside and outside not to burn into the carbon, can maintain the original flavor of the food and beautiful luster, suitable for cooking, freezing, package baking, etc..

Ming Tai aluminum foil also include capacitor foil with chemical corrosion resistance, no pollution, low impurity content, high pore density characteristics, the market occupancy rate is very high, and the product quality can be comparable to imported products

Ming Tai decoration foil has a very high capacity on the basis of quality assurance, product quality is stable, high temperature resistance, using the method of control in the fastest and most effective form, get the best to reduce the effect of waves, produce up to the standard and the high quality decorative foil user requirements

Application of alpha medicine foil in international medicine industry is very extensive Non-toxic, clean and sanitary, has the advantages of moisture, permeability, heat resistance, light resistance, high temperature sterilization etc.

Ming Tai household foil and foil is commonly used in food packaging, pharmaceutical products, daily necessities and other products, good strength, good air tightness, moisture, light, can be a vacuum packaging bag, with good water and oxygen function

Ming Tai aluminum production of aluminum foil products with unique characteristics, and stable quality, plays a crucial role in many fields

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