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Aluminum car body product from Henan Mingtai Al Industrial Co., Ltd


Aluminum car body market in recent years more and more attention, aluminum car body applications are increasingly common. Aluminum is a lightweight metal material used in automobile manufacturing, but also the structure of the material is the most economical and practical, the most competitive car with a light metallic material. The proportion of aluminum is about 1/3 of steel, aluminum is recognized as the ideal material for lightweight vehicles. Automotive lightweight vehicle development is the general trend, and the extensive use of aluminum is one of the most important automotive lightweight way. Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. specializes aluminum manufacturer to introduce you to the advantages of aluminum car body:

1. Aluminum car tanks safer

1.1 light weight reduce tire wear when idling, greatly reducing the chance of a puncture;

1.2 aluminum alloy conductive properties, not easy to build up static electricity, no spark;

1.3 When a vehicle collision or rollover, you may need to take the oil drilling, aluminum alloy drill gadolinium not produce sparks, eliminating the security risks.

2. aluminum car body more durable

2.1 dense alumina protective film can be formed on the surface of an aluminum alloy, can effectively prevent air and moisture erosion, so strong antioxidant capacity, will not rust, ensure that transport goods from contamination. Aluminum car body life of up to 15--20 years;

3. aluminum car body greener

3.1 aluminum easy recycling. Regeneration of the original aluminum alloy aluminum alloy material there is no difference in terms of performance, can be used repeatedly to reduce the environmental damage and loss of energy;

3.2 aluminum car body, light weight, increase payload, can reduce transportation times, lower fuel consumption when idling can save fuel, can reduce various emissions;

3.3 Aluminum can withstand atmospheric and tidal erosion, look no paint.

The above analysis can be concluded that the use of aluminum tanker not only the investment costs can be recovered in this short period of time, but also to create more economic benefits than other materials.

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