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VAT Rebate Influenced Aluminum Exportation


This November 5, an associated media reported that the Chinese government is considering amending trade policy to help change the current situation of serious excess domestic aluminum market, including raising the VAT refund and recovery of aluminum semi-finished aluminum import tariffs. Currently, aluminum exports 13% of VAT refund; aluminum exports 15% of VAT refunds. VAT refunds due to maximum rate of 17%, so once again change interval VAT refunds will be limited to between 2-4 percent.

Mingtai Aluminum is willing to enlarge their exportation sales, but influenced by the low market price. Industrial experts said that, even if this policy is fulfilled, the impact on the aluminum market is relatively limited, or difficult to significantly increase the amount of aluminum exports. First, aluminum consumption in developed countries is a relatively mature market, and the global slowdown in economic growth in recent years, the European Economic and financial crisis have made the demand has weakened, even if the magnitude of the export tax rebate increase, which is also difficult to have a substantial increase in orders. Secondly, the VAT rebate changes only between 2-4%, to a lesser extent, have little effect. Again, the reasons for the recent international aluminum market will decline aluminum prices are attributed to the increase of Chinese exports, the adjustment will increase tariffs or foreign Aluminum grievances, China may face a wider range of dual investigation.

Relying on its quality and service, Mingtai Aluminum have built long term partnership with more than 160 middle and large scale companies of China and overseas. Products are well received in both domestic China as well as may overseas countries. The main products cover flat rolled products of 1000 series, 3000 series ,4 000 series ,5000 series, 6000 series, 7000 series and 8000 series of different sizes. Main products includes TCP plate stock, Ps stock, aluminum electrode capacitor foil, foil stock, deep-draw stock, brazing sheet, alloy sheet and plate. Those products are widely used in industries including printing, automotive, packging, building, aviation, machinery, electronics, oil refinery, power supply and so on.

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