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The Increasing of the China's Aluminum Exports Intensify the Surplus of the International Aluminum Price Markets


During the past November, China has increased the aluminum exports amount, which greatly intensifies the surplus of the international aluminum markets. On 12-09 the LME has surged, the pressure of the Aluminum price dropped a little bit. Currently the supply of the aluminum has decreased.Whic also affect the price of aluminum sheet.

The Increasing of the Chinas Aluminum Exports Intensify the Surplus of the International Aluminum Price Markets


On 12-9 the London Aluminum Stock surged, so the next day the LME dropped by 9USD,the latest LME priceis1476USD. On 12-10 since the open quotation of the Shanghai Aluminum, the aluminum prices were mixed up. The trends to be rising after a low opening. But the international aluminum requirements still not that strong, which makes the prices won’t be able have a huge raising space. The stock amount of LME on 12-8 was 2901875 MT,increased 29075MT compare the last trading day. And the aluminum stock was 13460MT the same as the previous trading day.

Yesterday the ups and downs of the china aluminum supply remain balance. The AOO aluminum ingots prices 10140-10180 YUAN/MT dropped by 20YUAN/MT; According to the data shows by the China Custom, during the past November increased 120 thousand tons than the October. The increase of the aluminum supply situation will keep the international aluminum price stays at a low level.

And currently China’s main aluminum smelters plan to hold a meeting to discuss the solution to face the serious aluminum markets. Currently half of the China aluminum factory’s production cost has already been lower than 1800 USD/MT; anyway this year’s aluminum output will still increase to 15 million tons, which will unlikely help solving the current bad situation of the aluminum price market. During the last month, the Copper and Nickel and zinc industries also held the similar meeting, after the meeting all the participators permitted to decrease the production to support the weak metal markets.

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