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Aluminum Foil Features of Mingtai Al.


Aluminum foil is rolled by the pure aluminum with purity of more than 99.5%, between 0.005 ~ 0.2 mm in thickness. Its light luster, reflection ability, can make heat insulation packaging; aluminum foil have good barrier property, that can resist gas and vapor; aluminum foil also have property of easy processing, and easy to be processed into various shapes; as to easy for printing, gluing, painting, coloring, stamping, printing and so on. Strong adaptability to temperature, high temperature or low temperature shape stability; it has good conductivity and shading performance. The biggest drawback of aluminum foil is not strong acid and strong alkali, no welding, resistance to tear strength is low. Aluminum foil is widely used in the packaging, it can be individually packaged items; More to do with the made from composite material such as paper, plastic film, used in food, cigarettes, cosmetics, medicines, chemicals, packaging, can be made into cooking bags, such as packaging convenience food and cooking food, etc.

Aluminum Foil Features of Mingtai Al.


Aluminum foil with metallic luster, good light, is higher for heat and light reflection ability, metallic luster and reflection ability can improve the brightness of color printing; With good isolation, aluminum foil have strong protective property that can resist gas and vapor to prevent moisture absorption, gasification is installed inside not from the bacteria and insects. Shape stability is good, to make the foil not affected by humidity change. With easy processing, aluminum foil can be processed with printing, coloring, embossing, surface coating, gluing, lacquering, etc.

Aluminum foil has not only the quality of a material soft and good extension, but also easy to machining, and light and beautiful, recycling easy, better for the environment. Aluminum foil is one of the most commonly used materials in modern packaging. But as easily have pinhole in the process of packaging, which will reduce the blocking performance, so the aluminum foil will be composed with paper, polymers and other sheet metal composite material. Practice has proved that the aluminum foil composite material can greatly improve the barrier property of packaging, improve the mechanical strength of aluminum foil and mechanical properties, especially suitable for making composite lining flexible packaging and packaging, widely used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other goods packaging.

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