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The Basic Properties and Application of the 1 Series Aluminum Plate


The aluminum sheet is that thickness is from 0.2 mm to 500 mm, the width is 200 mm, the length is less than 16mm. We called aluminum plate or aluminum material. From the perspective of technology, aluminum plate or aluminum material refers to using aluminum rolling and processing to rectangular plates, which can be divided into pure aluminum plate,aluminum alloy sheets, thin al-plates, thick aluminum plates, aluminum tread plates. Among them, as the basic material used the most frequently is the pure aluminum plate, namely 1 series aluminum plates.

1 series aluminum plate is the highest purity plates from 1 to 8 series aluminum plates, that is why we called it pure aluminum plate, 1 series aluminum plate was the most earliest to apply and matured to product.

1050 aluminum plate, aluminum plate 1060 are the main products in 1 series aluminum plates, in which application scope are the most widely and also the price is the most cheapest. Thus what properties 1 series pure aluminum plates have and where are they used?

Aluminumj plate

The characteristics of the 1 aluminum sheets:

1 series aluminum plate’s aluminum content is over 99.6%, tensile strength is from 110 mpa to 136 mpa.

1 series aluminum plate can be intensified. It is usually adopted the method of cold work to improve strength, which can be up to more than 1 time. 1 series aluminum plates are easy to process. Its plasticity is good, so it is very suitable for machining, such as sawing, cutting, milling, boring, plane, car, etc. 1 series aluminum plates have corrosion resistance. Without special processing, the surface of 1 series aluminum plate will naturally generate a layer of dense aluminum oxide protective film, it is difficult to be destroyed, so 1 series aluminum plate have the good resistance to atmospheric corrosion (including industrial atmosphere, ocean, atmosphere) and water corrosion ability.

1 series aluminum plates have good reflectivity. After polishing, the reflectivity of light of 1 series aluminum plates’ surface can reach more than 80%, the higher the purity of aluminum, the higher the reflectivity. In addition to visible light, aluminum has good reflectivity to infrared, ultraviolet, electromagnetic waves, thermal radiation.

The uses of 1 series aluminum plates

Put 1 series aluminum plates use in road signs, billboards, chemical equipment, inland river ships equipment, all kinds of containers (jugs, pressure tank.), conductive materials, chemical equipment, instruments and meters, signs signs, road signs (equipment, motor vehicle license plate, etc.), building decoration materials and other fields.

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