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Introduction of Aluminium Alloy


As the most abundant element in the crust, aluminium exits in our lives in many kinds of formations. The application of aluminium alloy is the most popular. The density of A-alloy is low while the intensity high which is almost surpassing the one of high-grade steel. The nature of plasticity is good with which could produce to different formations with good performance on electroconductibility, conductivity on heat and corrosion resistance.

Introduction of Aluminium Alloy


With the technology development and progress on the production of aluminum, the advantages of A-alloy will be magnified such as the increasing production and marketing. In the A-alloy productions, the demanding of aluminum sheet and belt is also increasing on the big stuffs like spaceships, airplanes, aircraft carriers while the small things like food cases, tags and cellphones and elsewhere.

Following are the classification of A-alloy which is classified by the content of elements. Pure Al 1 in which the content of aluminum is above 99.00% is with good performance on electroconductibility, conductivity on heat and corrosion resistance. A-alloy 2 in which the content of copper is the main element is with good performance on cutability, high intensity, but low corrosion resistance. The A-alloy 3 in which the manganese is the main element is with high intensity, good corrosion resistance and also, the conductivity on heat is better than the one of pure Al 1. A-alloy 4 which mainly contains silicon is with good heat resistance and wear-resisting. A-alloy 5 which mainly contains magnesium is with medium intensity, corrosion resistance and good welding character. A-alloy 6 in which the main elements are magnesium and silicon and the strength phase being the Mg2Si is with great medium intensity structure alloy and good welding character and processability. A-alloy 7 which mainly contains zinc has high intensity, corrosion resistance but low welding character. It is good to applied in high intensity materials. A-alloy 8 in which the main elements are other alloy elements are mainly used on aluminium sheet and bottle cap etc.

In the aforementioned, the A-alloy 2 and A-alloy 7 are mainly applied by military industry while the 1, 3, 5 and 8 by civil usage. In refer to the civil usage, Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd should be recommended firstly. As the pioneer in aluminum production for civil usage, with the great effort of Forge ahead, innovation breakthrough, Mingtai has been the leading enterprise which has also been helping the surrounding enterprises’ development in so as successfully to be the largest aluminum plate and belt production base in China or Asia. While other aluminum companies are satisfied with the achievements, Mingtai continuously invested in 1+1 broad width hot continuous rolling and qualified in the ability to produce A-alloy 2 and A-alloy 7, with which Mingtai has been starting to invest in the military industry in order to promote the development of aluminium industry with actual behavior. We deeply believe that in the future the A-alloy replacing steel will be the most popular metal material and bring a great of beautiful changes for out coming life.

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