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Introduction of Aluminum foil


An aluminum metal stamping material directly rolled into a sheet, similar to its effect and pure silver stamping effect, so called false silver. Because of its outstanding properties, it is widely applied to long-term preservation of stamping book cover or something like that.

Introduction of Aluminum foil


Outline of aluminum foil

Because of its excellent properties, Aluminum foil is widely used in food, beverages, cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, photographic plate, household items, etc., it is also commonly used as packaging material; electrolytic capacitor materials; construction, vehicles, ships, houses and other insulating material; also as a decorative gold and silver, as well as all kinds of stationery printed wallpaper and decorating trademarks and other light industrial products. In the various applications, it can most effectively play performance point as packaging material. Foil is soft metal film, not only with moisture, airtight, blackout, abrasion, Paul Hong, non-toxic and tasteless, and other advantages, but also because of its elegant silver-white luster, ease of processing a variety of colors and beautiful patterns pattern, and therefore more vulnerable to people of all ages

Widely usage of aluminum foil

Especially after the aluminum foil and plastics and paper composites, it combines the strength of the aluminum foil and paper barrier properties, all of these have widen the usage of aluminum foil as packing materials. Since packaged goods and ambient light, humidity, gas and other full isolation, so that the packaging has been well protected. Especially for cooking food packaging, aluminum foil using such material, at least we can guarantee food for more than one year without deterioration. Furthermore, the heating and opening become very convenient, welcomed by consumers. With the demand for the development of people's living standards and the tourism industry, beer, soft drinks and other beverages and canned food is increasing, which requires a modern packaging and decoration, in order to facilitate the international market competition. In order to meet market requirements, it has developed a good shielding plastic film and spray the foil and other packaging material, but their overall performance is not as over-coating and laminating process can be remedied and improved. Therefore we can say, aluminum foil is a variety of excellent performance, more perfect packaging materials, in many fields have fully demonstrated its broad application prospects.

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