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Promising Opportunities for Aluminum Sheet for New Energy Cars


In the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Research Institute CCID sponsored the "2015 China's new energy automobile business leaders summit", CCID Consulting research director Wu Hui said it expects 2015 to promote new energy vehicles, the problem is not complete 300000 . Wu Hui said the new energy automobile production and sales number in November

Count will be higher than in October. Wu Hui said the government subsidies for new energy vehicles in the next year is to retire slope, the client or the business side will try to put order in advance, resulting in the end of the year, especially in the fourth quarter will be the case in advance of consumption .

Wu Hui predicted that next year the growth rate of new energy vehicles in 60 percent to 70 percent, is expected to be completed by 560,000 in the promotion of new energy vehicles, of which about 400,000 are new energy passenger cars. Passenger cars, there will be about 40% of micro-passenger cars, because the development of new energy vehicles must be miniaturized, intelligent and lightweight trend.

Batteries, Wu Hui said that the current domestic battery manufacturers to build capacity is approximately voted nearly 60 GWH battery. This shortage of state this year, mainly due to the amount of discharge quickly, leading companies are not ready, the future will certainly be some excess capacity. M & A amount of new energy vehicles this year to reach 300 million, the region is still the most M & A occurring in the field of battery and materials, the development of the new energy vehicles unmissable improve battery technology. Charging station side, Wu Hui believes that the development of electric vehicles charging stations must support the needs, regardless of the electric car endurance how high the charging station is still needed. From a policy point of view, the policy of charging stations by 2016 will definitely continue development.

Charging Facilities Development Plan (2015-2020) plan for charging infrastructure development in 2020 is 12,000 filling station, charging pile construction 4.5 million. According to estimates, the construction of a charging station cost about 400 million yuan, cost about 20,000 yuan charge pile. According to the national development plan for charging facilities, 4,000,000 yuan by 120 thousand stations equal to 48 billion, 20,000 yuan by 480 million units equal to 96 billion. Many companies do charging station operator, that this one is the real market space lies. Wu Hui said that in a short time Chinese national standard charging facilities will be introduced. Charging facilities in the short term there is a relatively large increase. In the long run, it must be the future direction of a big one.

With the development of electrical charging stations, aluminum sheet for new energy cars is also promising.

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