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Aluminum 5083 for storage tanks


Aluminum 5083 is a special aluminum alloy combined with magnesium for strength, ductility, toughness as well as low strength to weight ratio. Application of aluminum alloy 5083 mainly includes assembly components, cryogenic tanks, hulls and deckhouses for ships and tread. Aluminum 5083 for storage tanksis commonly used in temper of O, F, H32, H34, H111, H112, and H116. With the development of aluminum industry, Mingtai put aluminum 5083 for storage tank as their main products and has positioned itself to win in oil tank industry.

Aluminum 5083 for storage tanks

Mingtai Aluminum pioneered the aluminum industry over 18 years ago in China. We have advanced manufacturing facilities with computerized controls. The rolling mill has an impressive work on aluminum alloy like aluminum 5083 for storage tank. Mingtai aluminum plate is widely applied in transportation, from automotive to aerospace, and improves the performance of industrial and consumer electronics products. And now our approximately 2000 people deliver value-add products made of aluminum like aluminum sheet, aluminum plate, aluminum coil as well as aluminum foil. The extra wide plate is approximately 3300mm. wider Mingtai aluminum requires fewer plates for welded structures, reducing the number of welded joints and lowering fabrication cost.

Superior performance in corrosion resistance makes Mingtai aluminum plate an ideal material for oil tank and storage tank, which is more safety and economically. Its excellent mechanical properties combined with superior wieldability; make it attractive for application such as storage tanks or GIS. Aside from aluminum 5083 for storage tank, Mingtai Aluminum can also be used from petroleum to oil and gas field machinery and equipment. It is an ideal material in many industries.

Mingtai Aluminum 5083 for storage tanks is renowned from both domestic and overseas. We can supply aluminum plate with the maximum thickness of 600mm so that to meet most customers demands. Apart from aluminum alloy 5083, there are others aluminum alloy plate in hot sales like 5005, 5042, 5052, 5083, 5086, 5754, 5182, 5251 and etc. we and advanced manufacturing facilities to ensure pruducts quality. We have CCS and DNV certifications and can meet peoples need for other certification.

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