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Mingtai Aluminum - domestic high-quality 5754 aluminum manufacturer


In the 5 Series aluminum with the high-quality aluminum 5754 alloy aluminum because of its excellent performance, through different heat treatment, is the main material of the automotive industry (car doors, mold, seals), Cans used in industry. Henan Mingtai Aluminum 5754 as a domestic high-quality aluminum manufacturer, product quality has been strictly 100% guarantee the good performance of the product.

5754 5-series aluminum is aluminum-magnesium alloy, high-strength alloys, after hot rolling process, with good process ability, corrosion resistance and weld ability. But because of its processing complex, it requires higher technical requirements, so the price is relatively high. Domestic manufacturers of high-quality 5754 aluminum is relatively small, or because the 5754 primary aluminum sheet production technology and production equipment have higher requirements, most domestic manufacturers of aluminum production technology and advanced countries have a large gap.

5754 aluminum is widely used tanker body aluminum, aluminum and automotive aluminum die, and mostly for the transport sector with the aluminum. With the development of the aluminum industry, and China has become a major industrial production base, 5754 aluminum market prospects will be better.

For now, the domestic aluminum sheet producers are numerous, small and medium sized manufacturers of aluminum is aluminum production of the main force, but there is quality assurance of large aluminum manufacturer but is not particularly large, mainly in Henan Mingtai Aluminum and Chongqing Southwest Aluminum , Mingtai Aluminum 5754 as one of the high-quality aluminum manufacturers, and related technology has matured to meet the different industries, different diverse needs of customers, to provide customers with customized products.

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