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The introduction of main aluminum alloy for P.P Cap


With the development of our national economy, and the use of aluminum and aluminum cap aluminum coil strip more widely, and users of aluminum and aluminum caps requirements are also getting higher and higher. At present the main products are aluminum cap aluminum coil 1/3/5/8 line on the market, mainly used in alcohol, beverages, cosmetics and other areas such as packaging caps.

1 Department of aluminum caps in aluminum sheet primarily for 1050,1060,1070 and 1100,1 series aluminum coil aluminum roll is called, in all the series 1 Series belongs to a family maximum aluminum content, its purity more than 99.0%. Because without other elements, the production process is relatively simple, relatively cheap price, is currently a series regular with the longest processing industry, but for some aluminum caps with special requirements, performance 1 Series may not up to standard .

In the 3 Series aluminum cap aluminum coils mainly in 3003,3104 and 3105-based, 3-series aluminum volume could be called anti-rust aluminum coil, is the addition of aluminum and manganese, is an anti-rust function better series. Routine use in bottle production, air conditioners, refrigerators, vehicle and other wet environment, the price is higher than the 1 series, is a more commonly used aluminum alloy series caps.

In the 5-Series aluminum cap aluminum coils mainly in 5052,5005,5083 and 5A05 alloy. 50 volume series aluminum caps are more commonly used aluminum alloy aluminum volume series, the main elements of magnesium, magnesium content between 3-5%, and can be called aluminum-magnesium alloy. Main characteristics of low density, high tensile strength, elongation. In conventional industrial applications more widely. In our 5 series aluminum is one of the more mature series aluminum.

8 series aluminum caps in aluminum sheet aluminum sheet to 8011 mainly belong to other series. 8011 is the most commonly used to make aluminum aluminum cap, also used in radiators, most applications for the aluminum coil and aluminum foil.

Henan Alpha Aluminum production of aluminum caps 1/3/5/8 lines are the major companies have been well received in the market, with Alpha Aluminum aluminum bottle of premium quality, and many famous aluminum bottles cover production base to establish a good relationship of cooperation.

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