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The Explanation of Cell Phone Battery Shell Material


Henan ming tai aluminum industry co., LTD is one of the largest private domestic aluminum processing of the listed company, its own research and development of the production of 3 series aluminum alloy cell phone battery shell material has good stamping performance, welding performance and f brightness without impurities of the surface. cell phone battery shell material ‘s thickness is usually 0.40 0.60 mm, and we can customize according to customer's requirements.

The Explanation of Cell Phone Battery Shell Material


Ming tai aluminum 3 series of mobile phone battery shell material has a wealth of technical experience, products have stable market share for many years. Ming-tai aluminum has a long-term cooperation with many domestic mobile phone manufacturers, also has established cooperation relationship with mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei, Samsung mobile phones, Apple .Combined with the current vigorous development of the mobile phone market, 3 series mobile phone battery shell material in the future will have a greater development opportunities. Mobile phones have become essential in people's lives, as our most commonly used communication tools, small mobile phone contributes to people's life saving a lot of time. At the same time, now the mobile phone also has very beautiful appearance, the frame is adopted the aluminum alloy material, which makes whole phone very delicate.

Currently aluminum alloy using on the mobile phone shell and battery shell has a very wide range. Aluminum battery shell is not only beautiful and elegant, and sufficient hardness, heat resistance and corrosion, which are choices for many mobile phone manufacturing enterprises. Among them, 3 series aluminum alloy is main source of the cell phone battery shell.

Henan ming tai aluminum industry co., LTD., has 6 semicontinuous casting production lines, 10 lines for continuous casting and rolling production , and other 44 large processing equipment , the annual output reached 450000 tons. Strong production capacity ensures the quick delivery; Advanced production equipment makes sure the high quality products; Preferential price makes your costs to a minimum. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you.

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