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Henan Ming-tai Aluminum Foil 8011 Applications in Pharmaceutical Packaging


The Drug Administration Law of the People's Republic of China put in force in December 1, 2001. It stipulates the packaging materials of the drugs which are in period of validity and the printing ink on the packing must be non-toxic and tasteless. People use polyethylene plastic film to pack drugs in the early years, once drugs are unsealed, they are not easy to save, especially plastic films are easy to corrosion if keep for a long time, which will destroy the drug ingredients. Now people use the aluminum foil to pack medicines. Aluminum foil has the very good oxidation resistance. It will produce a layer of compact oxide film on the surface of aluminum, which stop the contact with oxygen very well. On the other hand, it has good corrosion resistance, ensuring the integrity of the drugs. A further advantage of using the aluminum foil to pack drugs is that drug particles use independent packaging, when you take out one piece of drugs, it shall not affect the other drugs, it is good to ensure the efficacy of the drugs.

Henan Ming-tai Aluminum Foil 8011 Applications in Pharmaceutical Packaging


Henan ming-tai aluminum produces 8011 aluminum foils which have good humidity-proof property, shading performance and high barrier performance, also have the advantages of non-toxic and tasteless, safety and health. After composition, printing, coating, they are widely used in the packages of all kinds of medicine capsule, tablet, granule.

By the way, the processing range: the thickness of 0.02 mm to 0.07mm, width 300 mm - 1100 mm, we can customize according to customer requirements.

On the morning of August 16th, a customer from Guiyang call ming-tai aluminum industry electronic commerce to admire 8011 medicinal aluminum foil, they have good ductility, won't appear pinhole phenomenon, which can be enough to certify that our ming-tai aluminum product quality is recognised by the market, which is real reason that Henan Mingtai AL.industrial CO. LTD. grow up and develop very fast during the 20 years.

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