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3003 Aluminum Foil for Phone Battery Shell


1. Introduction of 3003 Aluminum Foil

3003 aluminum foil belongs to AL- Mn aluminum alloys, which means the Mn is the main content in this alloy. Other contents include 0.7% of Fe, 0.6% of Si, 0.05-0.2% of Cu, 0.1% of Zn, 0.15% of others total, and the balance is aluminum. According to its contents above, we can get to know the strength of 3003 aluminum foil is not high, but higher than industrial pure aluminum. 3003 aluminum foil is also non-heat treatable, so cold working is adopted to improve its chemical properties. Besides, 3003 aluminum foil has pretty good plasticity after annealing. But after cooling, the plasticity is quite bad. 3003 aluminum foil has good resistance to correction and weldability. Thus, it is high suitable for phone battery shells and other small components.

3003 Aluminum Foil for Phone Battery Shell

2. Phone Battery Shell Applications of 3003 Aluminum Foil

As a large scale listed company in domestic, Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. can manufacture high quality 3003 aluminum foil for phone battery shells. Phone battery shell of Mingtai Al. has good stamping and welding properties with smooth and defeat-free surface. Generally speaking, the thickness of 3003 aluminum foil for phone battery shells is from 0.40 mm – 0.60 mm. As for particular specifications and width, we can cut to size at customers’ demands. Mingtai Al. has 18 years experience in aluminum deep processing, and holds a stable market share in phone battery shell. Besides, Mingtai Al. has built long term cooperation with Samsung, Apple as well as Huawei and other phone manufacturers. Mingtai Al. has over 16 production lines to provide over 650, 000 tons aluminum products for countries all over the world.

3. Prospect of 3003 Aluminum Foil for Phone Battery Shells

3003 aluminum foil is adopted to produce phone and its battery shells, this not only make our phone have a beautiful appearance, but also has good resistance to heat and corruption. Besides, aluminum has high recycle rate, so 3003 aluminum foil is eco-friendly, which is the world trend at present. For all these features above, 3003 aluminum foil is perfect in phone battery shell applications. Decades of experience enables MingtaiAl. to have fast delivery and good after sale services. And advanced equipments guarantee high quality products. As phone has already been a necessary in people’s daily life, I am sure 3003 aluminum foil will has a better market situation in the future.

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